Although it constantly bears the stigma of being a place for prisoners and the mentally ill, Mandaluyong City can now claim as the best place for children after recently bagging the Presidential Award for the most child-friendly city in the country. Mandaluyong bested other cities that had won in the regional competitions under the highly urbanized city category such as Baguio, Olongapo, Bacolod and Cebu. In a statement, Mayor Benhur Abalos attributed its programs and services for maternal and child-care to the growing business investments in the city, which have so far reached to P82.25 billion this year.

“We have successfully survived the stigma that Mandaluyong is a place only for mental and correctional institutions surrounded by thick bushes and grasslands,” Abalos said referring to the usual banter “Sa Loob o sa Labas (Do you live in or out)?” to Mandaluyong residents.

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