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Mandaluyong bags UN service award

After Filipino dance troupe El Gamma Penumbra’s victory in Asia’s Got Talent comes another...

A Cemetery's Revival Signals 'Womb to Tomb' City Services

MANDALUYONG CITY, Philippines — A mayor does not normally make his name by digging up bones of the...

Mandaluyong Most Child Friendly

Although it constantly bears the stigma of being a place for prisoners and the mentally ill,...

Abalos gives gifts to 60,000 poor families

To spread a little Christmas cheer, Mandaluyong Mayor Benjamin Abalos Jr. distributed yesterday at...

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January 27, 2017, Mandaluyong Elementary School #72ndliberationdayand23rdcityhoodanniversary

GUEST SPEAKER at the Philippine Society for Public Administration International Conference on Deepening the Discourse on Development, Democratization and Decentralization towards Responsive
Politico-Administrative Systems and Institutions, November 3, 2016, Hotel Benilde Manila

Guest of Honor at the Philippine Councilors League Forum Local Legislation 101-Building your Roadmap for Governance held at Winford Hotel Manila, October 26, 2016

Mandaluyong City, Philippines Experience
2016 Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration Conference
IGovernance: Innovative. Inclusive. Integrity-based.
held at The Manila Hotel, October 10-14, 2016, hosted by EROPA and the
Philippine Civil Service Commission.

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